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Sun & Moon

Sun & Moon

The sun is a symbol of power, growth, health, passion and the cycle of life. The Sun symbolizes the life-force that enables all things to thrive and grow. The Moon represents powerful feminine energy. It signifies wisdom, intuition, birth, death, reincarnation, and a spiritual connection. Once we are attuned to the Moon, we can activate her powers and embody her innate qualities of fluidity, creativity, femininity, and change.

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Live by the sun love by the moon spinner charmLive by the sun love by the moon spinner charm
Moon necklaceMoon necklace
Moon necklace Sale price$36.00 AUD
Boho Goddess moon stud earringsBoho Goddess moon stud earrings
Golden sun and moon pearl earringsGolden sun and moon pearl earrings
Golden sun charmGolden sun charm
Golden sun charm Sale price$44.00 AUD
Crescent moon charmCrescent moon charm
Crescent moon charm Sale price$39.00 AUD
Boho Sun blessing braceletBoho Sun blessing bracelet
Boho sun stud earringsBoho sun stud earrings
Boho sun stud earrings Sale price$44.00 AUD
Feather and crystal quartz earringsFeather and crystal quartz earrings
Goddess moon and pearl amulet necklaceGoddess moon and pearl amulet necklace
I love you to the moon and back charmI love you to the moon and back charm
Glistening moon charmGlistening moon charm
Glistening moon charm Sale price$60.00 AUD
Moon and stars direction spinner charmMoon and stars direction spinner charm
Chakra moon charmChakra moon charm
Chakra moon charm Sale price$44.00 AUD
I love you to the moon and back spinner charmI love you to the moon and back spinner charm
Moon and sun embrace charmMoon and sun embrace charm
Moon and stars charmMoon and stars charm
Moon and stars charm Sale price$53.00 AUD
Moon and back meditation spinning ringMoon and back meditation spinning ring
North star hoop earringsNorth star hoop earrings
North star hoop earrings Sale price$48.00 AUD
Goddess moon hoop earringsGoddess moon hoop earrings