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Celestial Gem Bracelet Collection

Celestial Gem Bracelet Collection

Our Celestial gem bracelets feature 2mm gemstone beads that are hand strung on wire (same as the Empower necklaces) with a solid sterling silver clasp and 2.5cm sterling silver extension chain featuring our signature brass healing hands lotus charm threaded on the bracelet. These bracelets are 19cm at the smallest length and 21.5cm at the largest. You can thread any of our Palas charms onto the bracelets and choose the complementary Empower necklace to wear as a set or mix and stack with all of our other best selling gem bracelets and wraps! Each bracelet comes on its own meaning card.

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Aventurine celestial gem braceletAventurine celestial gem bracelet
Lapis Lazuli celestial gem braceletLapis Lazuli celestial gem bracelet
Crystal Quartz celestial gem braceletCrystal Quartz celestial gem bracelet
Amethyst celestial gem braceletAmethyst celestial gem bracelet
Rose Quartz celestial gem braceletRose Quartz celestial gem bracelet
Tiger’s Eye celestial gem braceletTiger’s Eye celestial gem bracelet
Onyx celestial gem braceletOnyx celestial gem bracelet
Hematite celestial gem braceletHematite celestial gem bracelet