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Coloured crystals

Coloured crystals

Hand cut real multi coloured Swarovski crystals set in sterling silver, brass and bronze are featured in the Palas collection across charms, rings and bangle designs. Create a piece of true meaning, healing and strength to wear each day or gift to someone you love.

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Greek evil eye charmGreek evil eye charm
Greek evil eye charm Sale price$69.00 AUD
Chakra healing and balance charmChakra healing and balance charm
Save 50%Chakra healing and balance spinner charmChakra healing and balance spinner charm
Chakra healing and balance spinner charm Sale price$30.50 AUD Regular price$61.00 AUD
Save 50%Chakra moon charmChakra moon charm
Chakra moon charm Sale price$25.00 AUD Regular price$50.00 AUD
Mati evil eye charmMati evil eye charm
Mati evil eye charm Sale price$61.00 AUD