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Create a simple charm bracelet or necklace for the special grandmother in your family by starting with a sentimental charm and adding her initial charm and symbol or inspirational charms. Over time you can also add the initials of her children and grandchildren. These charms are designed to collect, inspire and share. 

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Intentions meditation spinning ringIntentions meditation spinning ring
Intuition meditation spinning ringIntuition meditation spinning ring
Silver fine ball bead chain necklaceSilver fine ball bead chain necklace
Pearl healing gem braceletPearl healing gem bracelet
Rose Quartz energy gem braceletRose Quartz energy gem bracelet
Goddess meditation spinning ringGoddess meditation spinning ring
Lotus meditation spinning ringLotus meditation spinning ring
Aventurine & pearl prosperity gem braceletAventurine & pearl prosperity gem bracelet
Flow meditation spinning ringFlow meditation spinning ring
Prosperity pearl meditation spinning ringProsperity pearl meditation spinning ring
Paw print fur babies charmPaw print fur babies charm
Brave spirit meditation spinning ringBrave spirit meditation spinning ring
Gratitude meditation spinning ringGratitude meditation spinning ring
Rose quartz & pearl prosperity gem braceletRose quartz & pearl prosperity gem bracelet
Angel wing charmAngel wing charm
Angel wing charm Sale price$48.00 AUD
I love you to the moon and back charmI love you to the moon and back charm
Lapis lazuli & pearl prosperity gem braceletLapis lazuli & pearl prosperity gem bracelet
Paw prints on my heart slider charmPaw prints on my heart slider charm
Family crazy charmFamily crazy charm
Family crazy charm Sale price$44.00 AUD
Moon and back meditation spinning ringMoon and back meditation spinning ring
Family circle of love charmFamily circle of love charm
Tigers eye & pearl prosperity gem braceletTigers eye & pearl prosperity gem bracelet
Pearl hook earringsPearl hook earrings
Pearl hook earrings Sale price$32.00 AUD
Amethyst & pearl prosperity gem braceletAmethyst & pearl prosperity gem bracelet
Beautiful & brave meditation spinning ringBeautiful & brave meditation spinning ring
Aventurine healing gem earringsAventurine healing gem earrings
Family moments slider charmFamily moments slider charm
Crystal quartz & pearl prosperity gem braceletCrystal quartz & pearl prosperity gem bracelet
I love you to the moon and back charmI love you to the moon and back charm
Crystal Quartz celestial gem braceletCrystal Quartz celestial gem bracelet
Icaria hoop pearl earringsIcaria hoop pearl earrings
Rose quartz healing gem earringsRose quartz healing gem earrings
Heart and arrow charm (pair)Heart and arrow charm (pair)
Hematite & pearl prosperity gem braceletHematite & pearl prosperity gem bracelet
Onyx & pearl prosperity gem braceletOnyx & pearl prosperity gem bracelet
Tiger’s eye healing gem earringsTiger’s eye healing gem earrings
Rose Quartz celestial gem braceletRose Quartz celestial gem bracelet
Love you always mum rose quartz gem braceletLove you always mum rose quartz gem bracelet
Hematite celestial gem braceletHematite celestial gem bracelet
Family love rose quartz gem braceletFamily love rose quartz gem bracelet
Always in my heart rose quartz gem braceletAlways in my heart rose quartz gem bracelet
Grandmother open circle charmGrandmother open circle charm
Family love charmFamily love charm
Family love charm Sale price$44.00 AUD
Positano pearl and chain necklace 18k gold platedPositano pearl and chain necklace 18k gold plated
So much love family charmSo much love family charm
So much love family charm Sale price$44.00 AUD
Kindred spirits rose quartz gem braceletKindred spirits rose quartz gem bracelet
Kastellorizo pearl stud earringsKastellorizo pearl stud earrings
I love my dog charmI love my dog charm
I love my dog charm Sale price$36.00 AUD