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Perfect Hoops

Perfect Hoops

The perfect hoop earrings no jewellery box is complete without. A modern day classic, the perfect transitional earrings for day to night. Handcrafted by our expert Indonesian jewellers in solid sterling silver, brass, Swarovski crystals and natural pearls.

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Tranquility coral hoop earringsTranquility coral hoop earrings
Prosperity pearl oval hoop earringsProsperity pearl oval hoop earrings
Greek silver key hoop earringsGreek silver key hoop earrings
Etruscan hoop earringsEtruscan hoop earrings
Etruscan hoop earrings Sale price$96.00 AUD
Wide hoop and baroque pearl earringsWide hoop and baroque pearl earrings
Neptune hoop earringsNeptune hoop earrings
Neptune hoop earrings Sale price$98.00 AUD
Greek golden key hoop earringsGreek golden key hoop earrings
Bamboo sparkle hoop earringsBamboo sparkle hoop earrings
Silver sea coral hoop earringsSilver sea coral hoop earrings