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Shop our most popular symbols of lotus, hamsa, evil eye and heart. These symbolic jewellery pieces have true meaning, spiritually and historically, choose the pieces that connect with you or as a heartfelt gift of love, protection and inspiration. Designed in Australia and inspired by travel, spirituality, protection, healing, mother nature, love, friendship and our inner goddess. These pieces have a transformative power when wearing symbols with meaning that you truly connect with.

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Guidance meditation spinning ringGuidance meditation spinning ring
Our friendship is endless slider charmOur friendship is endless slider charm
Evil eye protection spinner charmEvil eye protection spinner charm
Mandala universe spinner charmMandala universe spinner charm
Pearl energy gem braceletPearl energy gem bracelet
Pearl energy gem bracelet Sale price$29.00 AUD
Evil eye protection spinning ring (S,M,L)Evil eye protection spinning ring (S,M,L)
Greek evil eye charmGreek evil eye charm
Greek evil eye charm Sale price$60.00 AUD
Mandala and pearl amulet necklaceMandala and pearl amulet necklace
Evil eye protection necklace (sterling silver)Evil eye protection necklace (sterling silver)
Golden bee and pearl amulet necklaceGolden bee and pearl amulet necklace
Double pearl charm on ringDouble pearl charm on ring
Goddess moon and pearl amulet necklaceGoddess moon and pearl amulet necklace
Dragonfly and pearl amulet necklaceDragonfly and pearl amulet necklace
Lotus and pearl amulet necklaceLotus and pearl amulet necklace
The world is your oyster pearl charmThe world is your oyster pearl charm
Paw prints on my heart slider charmPaw prints on my heart slider charm
Lotus blessing braceletLotus blessing bracelet
Lotus blessing bracelet Sale price$29.00 AUD
Golden sun and moon pearl earringsGolden sun and moon pearl earrings
Lotus pearl earringsLotus pearl earrings
Lotus pearl earrings Sale price$63.00 AUD
Moon and back meditation spinning ringMoon and back meditation spinning ring
Evil eye and pearl amulet necklaceEvil eye and pearl amulet necklace
Evil eye protection earringsEvil eye protection earrings
Dream catcher and pearl amulet necklaceDream catcher and pearl amulet necklace
Evil eye and hamsa protection spinner charmEvil eye and hamsa protection spinner charm
Hamsa hand of protection charmHamsa hand of protection charm
Pearl charmPearl charm
Pearl charm Sale price$24.00 AUD
Evil eye protection anklet (adjustable)Evil eye protection anklet (adjustable)
Bee charmBee charm
Bee charm Sale price$44.00 AUD
Butterfly and pearl amulet necklaceButterfly and pearl amulet necklace
Medusa snake cuff bangle (adjustable)Medusa snake cuff bangle (adjustable)
Evil eye (x3) protection bracelet (adjustable)Evil eye (x3) protection bracelet (adjustable)
Butterfly charmButterfly charm
Butterfly charm Sale price$44.00 AUD
Hamsa and pearl amulet necklaceHamsa and pearl amulet necklace
Dream catcher charmDream catcher charm
Dream catcher charm Sale price$48.00 AUD
I love you to the moon and back charmI love you to the moon and back charm
Evil eye meditation spinning ringEvil eye meditation spinning ring
Hamsa Hand blessing braceletHamsa Hand blessing bracelet
Heart necklaceHeart necklace
Heart necklace Sale price$36.00 AUD
Heart and arrow charm (pair)Heart and arrow charm (pair)
Boho Goddess moon stud earringsBoho Goddess moon stud earrings
Chakra moon charmChakra moon charm
Chakra moon charm Sale price$44.00 AUD
Moon and sun embrace charmMoon and sun embrace charm
I love you to the moon and back spinner charmI love you to the moon and back spinner charm
Crescent moon charmCrescent moon charm
Crescent moon charm Sale price$39.00 AUD
Little lotus stud earringsLittle lotus stud earrings
Hamsa hand necklaceHamsa hand necklace
Hamsa hand necklace Sale price$36.00 AUD
Moon and stars direction spinner charmMoon and stars direction spinner charm
Glistening moon charmGlistening moon charm
Glistening moon charm Sale price$60.00 AUD